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JasonnJasonn Member
in General edited August 2009
I currently have a website where no financial details are stored on-site. The cart I am using transfers transaction details to authorizenet to complete the sale. I have no need for a ssl certificate with this setup. If I switch carts to Foxy Cart, will I need a ssl cert? I am using Americart now.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi Jasnonn.

    Nope, you can use something like included as part of FoxyCart. You can also use something like for your FoxyCart functionality. It's still hosted on our servers, and you don't have to worry about installing the SSL cert, but due to how certificates actually work _we_ would need to get the cert.

    This might help:

    Does that answer your question? Let us know if not.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Just to be clear, you don't have to purchase an SSL cert. We have a caching script that will take all of your css, javascript and images and cache them on our site so you don't have to worry about SSL stuff. On the checkout template in the admin you can just point to your checkout template page on your site and it will cache everything for you. The screencasts show some examples of that:

    Good luck.
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