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Subscription cancellation for declined credit card

jaushmanjaushman Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited August 2009
Our client has decided to finally implement a process to deal with declined subscription data. We're giving users a 7-day grace period once their credit card is declined to take care of the issue or we will close their account. Our system automates the cancellation process on our side, but we're hitting a roadblock when trying to cancel the account on FoxyCart's side.

Our system sends our client the sub_token URL with the parameters of cart=checkout and sub_cancel=true appended for each of their customers that needs to be removed. After putting in the "Super Password" for their account and clicking submit on the checkout page we receive various errors about payment being declined for various reasons by I get the feeling we're trying to use the system outside of its intended usage.

Is there another way to do this? We haven't given the client access to the FoxyCart admin and are hoping to keep them out.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey jaushman. Are there past due amounts for those subscriptions? If so, it will try to process them so your clients get paid the money due to them. If we just allowed the cancel to go through, that would be money lost, right?

    Beyond that, those types of changes are best done in the admin by setting the "end date" on the subscription to tomorrow. That's actually what we (FoxyCart) do to handle our FoxyCart cancellations. The subscription datafeed processor picks those up once a day (after we set the end date), deactivates the store and sends the customer a confirmation email. We've also implemented past due reminder emails which enable FoxyCart customers to bring their account up to date and update their payment information if needed using the sub_token url.

    If the people responsible for managing these subscriptions don't have access to the admin to do so, that will make things challenging all around. That being said, our next version will include some new API functionality for canceling subscriptions using the sub_token which sounds like exactly what you need. We're working hard to get an alpha release of the next version out there soon for everyone to test with.

    Also, just to clarify, will you continue to manage the FoxyCart admin for the client on an ongoing basis? We've had some confusion from clients where a developer sets up the FoxyCart store for them and moves on to the next project without explaining to them what parts of the FoxyCart admin they need to know about (such as the datafeed stuff). That can lead to some frustration on their part which we like to avoid.
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