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question on USPS

liquidwsliquidws Member
in General edited September 2009
we are using the USPS option only. our fulfillment is being done off-location.

originally we had a magento site, and we could get a shipping label printed at the fulfillment site once the order is approved through software that was purchased, i think it was called T-Hub.

this is my first crack at ecommerce with foxycart. can foxycart work in the same way??
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi liquidws. Welcome to FoxyCart.

    It should definitely be possible, but we haven't integrated with T-Hub. What we'd recommend would be to check out their documentation...,2

    You'd use the FoxyCart XML datafeeds to get the info from FoxyCart to your system in a way that makes sense:

    We can offer assistance on the best-practices, and we can recommend developers if you need help. If you'd like to see a built-in T-Hub integration, you can vote for it here:

    So... it definitely looks possible, but may require a little work. Let us know your thoughts.
  • wow.. thanks for the quick response!!

    ok, i have set up my first foxycart! with the ssl certificate. i am getting the details on the paypal pro account and then i will see if i can set up this T-Hub thing. i know nothing about it, but i will follow your instructions. once again, thank you
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