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Custom Donation Form With Checkout All on One Page

kscotbarrkscotbarr Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited September 2009
I have a client (politician) who wants to have a custom donation page that is prefaced by an article outlining an issue. Here's an example of what he'd like to do:

I'm using FoxyCart on his site for contributions right now, but I can't get my head around how I could make the above work. Is this even possible? I see two problems:

1. I would need the ability to select a donation amount right on the checkout page.
2. I would need the ability to change the text for the issue being discussed above the checkout form on that page.

Thanks for any suggestions.


P.S. I can whisper my current solution to whoever is willing to offer suggestions. Thanks.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi Kevin.

    We're probably going to need to come up with a good way to do this, since this type of one-page-checkout+form/cart comes up occasionally, and it does make sense in some situations.

    I have a few ideas though.

    Idea 1: The Easiest )
    Just split the donation form apart from the contributor info. You can easily add custom fields on the checkout for the employment info and such. 2 steps, but hands down the easiest way to fly at this point with FoxyCart.

    Idea 2: Faking It )
    Collect all the info except the payment info on page 1 (your site, with the donation form). Make the continue button say something like "Confirmation & Payment" or something. So it's a two step process, but you could pretend that step 2 is a semi-confirmation step, which people are used to. Use pre-population or "fake" pre-population (add all the "contributor info" to the JSON, then pull it out of the JSON and stick it in the appropriate fields on the checkout) to make it a little easier.

    Idea 3: The Hardest)
    Pass in the "text for the issue being discussed" as a hidden session value when you send the user to the checkout, and use javascript to pull it out of the JSON and stick it where appropriate. (Realistically it'd be better to do a JSONP call and pull the data dynamically using an ID for the issue, though it'd be a little more difficult. But you may run into issues depending on how much text you're passing around in the JSON.

    The really tricky part would be getting an editable cart on the checkout itself, but if you're not using taxes or shipping it should actually be possible. It'd take some javascript wizardry, but you could conceivably make JSONP calls to your cart, then just output a small cart overview (in place of the normal FoxyCart ^^cart^^) dynamically.

  • Thanks, Brett.

    I actually think the way we're doing it right now is pretty user-friendly. Right now I just have a drop-down on the article page with a donation amount, along with an optional free-form amount field. When they click continue they are taken directly to the checkout page.

    I'd probably the second idea you suggested here. We'll see what the client says.

    Thanks again.
  • Went with Idea #2 and seems to be acceptable to the client.
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