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Email and verify email

bwentebwente Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited January 2008

I had a email bounce back today. A customer made a typo on their email! It was was one keystroke off and luckily it did not get sent to a real address. Because it is basically a digital download (online ticket).

Do you think the checkout/register page should ask to confirm the email address?

Personally I would make very sure I had the right information before I bought anything online.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    I'm open to suggestions, but personally, I've always been annoyed by the double email fields in forms online. I usually hit CTRL+A, CTRL+C, TAB, CTRL+V anyway so if I typed it wrong the first time, it will be wrong the second time too. I'd personally rather put as few barriers to the checkout flow as possible... even if it's just a mental, "oh man... why are they asking for this again?"

    Just my 2 cents.

    Anyone else have an opinion?
  • bwentebwente Member
    edited January 2008
    I agree with you too Luke. It was more of a FYI type of thing.

    Like I said, I was lucky the receipt bounced back to the admin. We were able to resolve it before the customer knew there was a problem.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Yeah, we've discussed this and didn't want to add it purely because it's one more field between you and your sale.

    That said, it might be interesting to allow a confirmation "overlay" via thickbox or something on checkout click (or change "checkout" to "confirm", then on the overlay have "checkout").

    We've discussed adding hooks to the checkout, so this might be a good reason for a hook onclick checkout. You could grab all the fields, display them back in a modal window with a link to then do call checkout for real. It's an idea, in any case. I'd rather do that as an option like that than adding another field, but I could be wrong.
  • I think having a confirmation overlay is the way to go especially since currently there is no way for a user to update his/her own email address if they type it wrong and complete the transaction. Any eta on this? Is this a planned enhancement?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    I don't think it's on our current request list, actually... could you add it or vote for it?

  • I came across this after looking for this functionality. From our UX person here at work, the reason they spec it out with that is the fact it maybe be one more field but what if it is important that you have that users email address and Phone is required. You need to have the ability to contact these people and not just for selling the additional product. What happens if they mis type their email? this just ads an extra security that the user will enter the correct email address. Sure a lot of people probably copy and paste but you can't assume that everyone does that, since you probably are a more savy computer user then the norm.

    I'm going to try and add an extra field and then just do some javacript validation to make sure it matches the value of the initial one.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Adding it yourself shouldn't pose any problem. Let us know how it goes. I thought we had some example code somewhere but I'm not seeing it.
  • I basically took the sample code you had for making a phone number required. here is my example. probably could be done in a better way but its what I pumped out quickly

    var verifyEmail = '<li id="li_customer_email_verify" class="fc_row fc_customer_email_verify">';
    verifyEmail += '<label class="fc_label_left" for="customer_email_verify">Retype Email<span class="fc_ast">*</span></label>';
    verifyEmail += '<input type="text" value="" autocomplete="off" class="fc_text fc_text_long fc_required" id="customer_email_verify" name="customer_email_verify"/>';
    verifyEmail += '<label style="display: none;" class="fc_error" id="customer_email_verify_error" for="customer_email_verify">Please verify your email address.</label>';
    verifyEmail += '</li>';
    // Now add the onblur error checking events
    jQuery("#customer_email_verify").blur(function() {
    if (this.value == "") {
    } else if (this.value != "" && this.value != jQuery('#customer_email').val()){
    jQuery('label[for="customer_email_verify"].fc_error').text("Email address does not match.");
    jQuery("#customer_email").blur(function() {
    if (this.value != "" && this.value == jQuery('#customer_email_verify').val()){
    }else if (this.value != "" && this.value != jQuery('#customer_email_verify').val()){
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Thanks for posting, Dan. I've added this thread to our wiki for "advanced hacks":
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