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Testing hidden/custom fields XML feed

RickWRickW Member
in Help edited October 2009
Is there a way to test a hidden custom field without going live?

If written into my post to cart

echo"<input type='hidden' name='h:login' value=$_SESSION/>";

and this line to parse the xml feed

$email = $custom->login;

I've got everything else working great but I'm reluctant to go live just to test.

The parse code works using test.xmldatafeed.php when I set


So, Is there a way to test a hidden custom field without going live?
  • Hi Rick.

    You should be able to place test orders (that produce almost real results, including triggering the datafeed) by using a test gateway. I personally prefer using to CDG/Quantum to test, using the default test account (in the foxycart portal, under STORE->payment). Documentation on how to trigger different results (including success) can be found here: ...then checkout as a customer.

    Is that what you were asking?
  • My store is live, and I am working on a new product that requires the xml feed. I'm set up with CDG but I really don't want to go into test mode unless I have too.

    I guess I can set the price very low and test it live. Looking at what I posted above, do you see anything basically wrong?
  • Ahh, sorry....misunderstood the live/test issue you were dealing with. Yes, it _looks_ like it should work.

    If you do much testing like this, and don't mind managing it, I've found it invaluable to have a second (free, test only) foxycart account setup -- along with a secondary testing copy of any code like the datafeed script, and a testing database -- so you can test and revise your changes as much as you want before copying the changes over to live code. This does of course make changes a bit more time consuming...and you can go much, much further into dev/QA complexity...but well, just an idea. :)
  • Not a bad idea, I have a test server that I use on other projects. I should have used it here but I "jumped the gun".
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    RickW, I might be missing the problem (probably am), but in FoxyCart, just flip the gateway settings to test and use the default test account data. Run a quick test. That way you don't bother your live account.

    Does that make sense? Or is the issue that the test-generated XML would send data to your live store?

    Like tookings said, you can set up another FoxyCart account if you want, but we'd _strongly_ recommend testing as much as possible, especially if you're going to use custom integrations and the XML. Just so much that can go wrong; testing can save tons of time and money.
  • Maybe that's the best solution. A quick test from live to test and then back again. I tried running a live test, and voided the charge and it cost me .60. No big deal if you have it right the first time. Thanks for your help.
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