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xml datafeed issue

RickWRickW Member
in Help edited October 2009
I'm doing some last minute testing on my datafeed and found a problem. Some of my products have "&" within their product name. In test.xmldatafeed.php, I entered "Patterns & Textures from Yellowstone" and It came back with a bunch of errors. Any product that doesn't have the ampersand worked fine.

As an example of what I use in my link to foxy cart, I've used:

name=Patterns%20 %26 %20Textures%20from%20Yellowstone
it looks great in the cart and checkout.
What will happen in the xml datafeed?

I've tried the %20 %26 %20 in the test feed and it comes back unconverted.

I really don't want to go live with the data feed without knowing what's going to happen.
  • RickWRickW Member
    edited October 2009
    I can replace the %20 and %26 after receiving the feed, if that is how it arrives. The question remains, will there be an "&" in the xml feed, and will it cause errors? It caused errors in the test feed.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi RickW.
    I believe this is related to CDATA tags in the XML (or, more appropriately here, our lack of CDATA tags). We'll do some testing and look into addressing this in the future. I'll try to get back to you here once we have a bit more info.
  • RickWRickW Member
    edited October 2009
    I did a little checking and the "&" in xml is a problem. One can escape the & but the problem is once I send the escaped ampersand to foxycart, it reverts back. So, I'm reluctantly removing the &'s in my product names. However the problem is... When I start accepting an xml feed, the existing sold products in your database will break the feed. Is there a way someone on your end can remove those XML breakers? Or do I have to start all over?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    We can remove them. Can you whisper me your store domain?

    Also, fyi, our next version will likely have CDATA tags. Currently testing them, so unless we see a huge problem they'll likely be here soonish.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    You're all set, RickW. Those transactions should come through fine now. Thanks so much for posting and we'll make sure this fix gets into the next release.
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