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Shipping and trackable codes

in Help edited October 2009
I have a client that I'm setting up a cart for. The cart's done but we have a bit of a tricky setup. He sells T-Shirts and they're location specific. So one shirt might be sold at one by one of his reps, another shirt sold at a second event by a second rep, and sales as well.

Online sales need to be including shipping. Event specific items need free shipping because the shirts are sold through an internet-enabled laptop, but immediately handing the shirt over to the customer on-site.

The separation of codes or something is useful so that he knows how to pay out commission for sold merchandise. Any help is appreciated. I'm under the gun to get this live ASAP so your advice is useful at this juncture.
  • How is the site currently setup? You could approach it a few ways. Password protected order form that includes a space for the rep to put in a unique code for themselves maybe?
  • Yeah...that sounds like a good idea. A protected internal version of the cart form, using a different category for no-shipping...maybe with a drop down for the rep to pick themselves.

    Would you be pulling the data for commission purposes via CSV download or datafeed/API? If CSV you'll want to try to use a field for the rep that is present in the file.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Yeah, I'd definitely echo bjbk and tookings with the internal order form, using a different category to avoid shipping. Perhaps rather than making the rep enter their name you could pass it as a GET value, so, then use the GET value to auto-populate your affiliate input.

    Also, as tookings mentioned, some data isn't in the CSV export, so you'll want to confirm that you're getting the data where you expect it. It's all in the XML though, so you're good there.
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