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Thanks for creating a much needed product. I wanted to give and solicit some feedback of my experience so far.

I am in the process of creating a very simple online store for a band and your shopping cart seems perfect however I have run into several issues.

When setting up categories for the first time I did not understand I had to actually add the default category. By the definition of default I understood that to mean it was already set up. Plus the button to do so is at the bottom of the screen - so the context on the button didn't help at first. In your help box you might want to explain that the user actually has to add the default category before they can continue.

The first time I did a test order I kept getting a shipping error and couldn't check out. I finally realized that I had to turn on the USPS rates if I didn't select a different shipping type other than the default. Again it might be helpful for the user if a note is put in the help box next to the weight form field that it will only work if the USPS option has been turned on.

For PayPal testing purposes I was not able to use any of my Sandbox credit cards because the expiration date ends in 2017. Your drop down only goes to 2016.

After completing my first test order I did not receive an email to admin account notifying me of the purchase. I understand that you can choose to receive an email based on category but isn't an email sent out every time a purchase is made? Maybe this is because I'm only using the testing payment gateway? I assume PayPal would send an email referencing the transaction?

And lastly, is there any more documentation on how to use the xml feed? I would like to integrate it into the Wordpress backend somehow.

Thanks for your time and for creating this wonderful product.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Thanks so much for your feedback. We're very close to launching a new admin, which should go a long way towards fixing the confusion (categories, shipping) with default admin settings and such, but we'll definitely take your feedback into account to make sure we handle those specific issues.

    As far as the PayPal sandbox cards go, I could be wrong, but I believe that the sandbox will accept any and all CC #s that have an expiration date in the future. That said, we'll increase the expiration date select box to 10 years out. (If anybody has a credit card with a 2017 expir date, or later, we'd love to know. We thought 9 years out was safe, but maybe not.)

    Regarding emails: You should actually get a BCC copy of the receipt email to the store admin email address. The category email options are *in addition* to the BCC receipt copy. Could you double check your email receipt templates and make sure the checkbox is checked? Also, check to see if your spam filter caught it? We've taken a wide variety of measures to ensure that emails aren't marked as spam, but there's always a chance they will be.

    XML Datafeed: An example of what gets sent is on our wiki here:
    While somewhat specific to MODx, the following example should actually be useful to see a working example:

    It's actually pretty general, with very little MODx specific code. It takes the XML, parses it into an array, does some checks, and modifies some MySQL. If you'd like to get a Wordpress integration going, I'd actually love to help where I can. Go ahead and start a new thread and we can get something going.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Great feedback Jayberz, we really appreciate it. It's important to us to get fresh perspectives and it encourages us to know we're currently working on the most needed improvements to the system.

    I also like hearing we built a much needed product. :)
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