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brettbrett FoxyCart Team
in General edited February 2008
Hi all.
We've been focusing on improving core functionality and fixing bugs for the past months, but we'll be starting a small advertising campaign in the very near future, and we'd love your thoughts.

- What types of ads do you like?
- What do you feel would get you to click on an ad for FoxyCart?
- What sites do you frequent?

We greatly appreciate any feedback you can offer. Thanks!
  • Although our site gets very few eyeballs (because we haven't promoted ourselves yet) I would have no problem with blogging it (I have) and telling our clients about it (I have), and I wouldn't mind at all have a small ad on our site, but...

    We don't do advertising on our site because ads clutter up a site. I think word of mouth is the best approach. I think if you get a Joomla dev to do it that you'll get a huge response from that alone.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    We've thought about Joomla a bit... but our concern has been that we're just not "user-friendly" enough yet for that community. Integrating with FoxyCart still takes a bit of coding know-how.

    Thanks so much for promoting us, Meristem. We've been working on our company's mission statement and it basically involves serving the designer/develop community. We're crazy enough to believe we've built a product that a lot of people need and we want to get the word out to them.

    If we make some money in the process, that would be nice also because it will keep us serving the community that much more effectively.
  • I intend to write about FoxyCart when I eventually set up my development blog...
    I'll have a think about your other questions...
  • I think advertising on websites like CSS Globe (although Alen doesn't run ads right now), CSS Mania, CSS Drive, SitePoint (probably the forums are your best shot) and Digital Web would be a good place to start. I know as a designer I always look to those places first. You may also want to consider advertising with The Deck since they encompass a lot of the websites designers/developers visit regularly.

    If you haven't already why not try to publish an article about FoxyCart with Digital Web, SitePoint or one of the other webzines. Something like that would be great for marketing.

    As far as what would make me click your ad... what really got me to try your product is the first three bullets you present on your homepage - Not a CMS, HTML + CSS, One-page login + checkout. I think those three bullets are your key selling points. But that's just me. ;-)
  • I don't think you and Brett are crazy at all. It's perfect for our business: we serve small businesses who need eCommerce built into their sites, painlessly.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Thanks so much all, we really appreciate your comments and input.
  • I enjoy frequenting:
    - TechCrunch, AListApart
    - Check out "The Deck" over at, ads placed on the best industry leader's blogsites around the globe... might be pricey though
    - CSS Beauty, they have forums and a blog.
    - StyleGala, blog
    - CSSRemix, BestWebGallery, CSS Drive, CSS Mania
    - Also, if you can get the guys over at Expression Engine to spread the word, their "Simple Commerce" Solution isn't the best, and while their new CoolCommerce module (thanks to Kevin over at isn't completely flawless yet, that's a great community that can really use the package solution you guys provide. I actually found you through the EE forum!
  • You could "advertise" through an established affiliate network (I'll plug here) with a compelling offer like 100% commission on the first month's billing when a trial account converts, and probably attract some interest from affiliates to spread your name around -- this is a double-edged sword though, as managing/policing your program can be (is) a job unto itself. :)

    I do think you are a good match for the EE/CI types too, going along with what brhaynes75 said.
  • wiggywiggy Member
    I also recommend great place for designers
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