Order emails sending with wrong email address?

in General edited October 2009
We've setup in my client's store orders@hisdomain.com under the settings, but customers are still somehow getting through to his personal Yahoo! email address that was used to create his account.

We don't wish to change his login to FoxyCart or that email address, but why is it customers who order are seeing the email address for his FoxyCart account rather than orders@hisdomain.com ??

Totally stumped on this one.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    What's the store domain? Whisper it over if you could.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Thanks for the whisper. So...
    You're right that there's nothing that should be causing this. Before we go digging through mail logs and such, a few questions to make sure we're not looking for ghosts:
    - There have been a pretty good number of orders (congrats!) in the last two days. Can we get confirmation of which orders are going to @yahoo and which aren't? Did they stop going to the yahoo address at a certain point?
    - Can you send us an email (with headers intact, if possible; forward it as an attachment and not inline) that shouldn't have gone to the yahoo address? (I'll whisper you where to send it.)
    - Was the yahoo address ever listed on the store settings?

    Also, I've fixed your store url. You had http:www.yourdomain.tld. I added the // in there.
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