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Salesforce anyone?

tookingstookings Member
in General edited October 2009
Just curious if anyone here worked much in SalesForce? (or other similar systems, actually)

There is some deep integration work that can be done using their API, but I'm not sure where a company would decide to integrate and what data to bring in, in relation to foxycart...that would be useful to more than one particular company's needs. (Aside from your basic lead or record creation, which can be done via Web2Lead as shown in the wiki. Most of what we've done is very unique and client specific.)

We've seen non-foxy companies use SF for basic Lead/Opportunity management all the way to deep custom application work to make SF their central hub for everything. Most common (and maybe useful to others?) would be simple API work to push orders in as a lead, and then auto-convert them to a won opportunity tagged to the "website" as the sales rep -- or if a "sales rep" form (or hidden key) is filled out on checkout, assigned to the appropriate rep for tracking.

Would anything like this be useful? Or, what would be?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    I know some users have done integrations with Salesforce in the past, but you bring up a lot of good questions. I've only ever used SF reluctantly, so I'm of no use, but there is this:

    I'd love to know what you end up with.
  • Well I recently created my first FoxyCart site with Expression Engine and Foxee Cart and we had to do a Salesforce implementation. I just use the PHP toolkit and use all the data that is pulled back into FoxeeCart and Expression Engine Database.

    So everynight I push all orders up to Salesforce a long with creating them as leads or contacts if they bought a membership or not. I associate all orders with the lead or contact. I have like 7 custom objects for the client..

    So yeah I think that would be really useful.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Care to share the code? I'm sure others would find it helpful.
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