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PayPal Website Payments Standard

AntonLAntonL Member
in General edited February 2008
I have a few clients using MODx and was thinking of recommending FoxyCart for a few of them who wish to start selling online, however I have already recommended that they use PayPal (or in some cases they already use it) and the only option for Australian PayPal merchants is to use "Website Payments Standard" ("Pro" is unavailable), which doesn't seem to be offered by FoxyCart at present.

Just wondering if this is likely to change in the near future?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    "Near future" probably not, but eventually yes. We do support eWAY, which is Australian, but we have a few items to tackle before we do payment by PayPal standard, Google Checkout, 2checkout, etc., since those all take the customer off the site, which makes things a bit more interesting as far as the FoxyCart datafeed goes. We know it's kind of an important issue though, so it's definitely going to happen at some point.
  • Hi Brett,

    Thanks for the quick response. It's good that you have it on the cards, but a bit of shame that it is not a higher priority. eWay and the like are very expensive in terms of set up and annual charges - it really puts off the smaller clients. I would have thought there would be a lot more demand for PayPal standard from non-US clients.

    Anyway, hope to hear more on this at some point. For now, it looks I'll need to steer these types of clients toward something like e-junkie (which is far from ideal as it means loading product details in two interfaces).

  • AntonLAntonL Member
    edited February 2008
    Sorry, accidental post! :)
  • I'd also like to see PayPal standard on there. I can imagine that the off-the-site thing creates some issues. The ExpressionEngine (CMS) folks developed their Simple Commerce module to process Paypal Payments standard, that works fairly well.
  • avantavant Member
    edited May 2008
    That makes me nervous..."'Near future' probably not". Makes it sound like you are setting us up for a long wait.
    The reason so many people prefer PP Standard is there is no big monthly fee tied into it. We can save $30 per month.

    The original post was from Feb. 3+ months ago. Any updates?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    avant: Our next major release will probably include coupon codes since that's what most of our customers want: After that, we'll probably look into it. But if you need something right away, you may want to look into e-junkies, yahoo stores or something similar.

    As we've said before, google checkout and paypal standard weren't even on our radar when we started because our goal was to provide a beautiful, seamless solution from start to finish for the customer. There are literally hundreds of shopping carts out there which don't care much about the user experience or the style of the cart/checkout screens. We're trying to reach a different target market.

    That being said, we'd love to serve as many people as possible and we work hard to provide the features our customers need. This current restructuring is major and has slowed down our roll out of new features, but once that's behind us we should be back on track again. For a rough idea of how quickly we get thigns done, check out our changelog details:

    I'm sorry if that's not the definite answer you're looking for, but we'd rather under promise and over deliver than the other way around.
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