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recent changes

cbatoulicbatouli Member
in Help edited November 2009
I pretty much had just finished testing, and then I noticed a couple things had changed

1) checkout is asking for cvv during a subscription purchase
2) the reference id that gets sent over to the gateway has changed from transid_storeid to just transid

Is there any sort of changelog that tracks these types of changes? or was this even on purpose or a bug?
  • cbatoulicbatouli Member
    edited November 2009
    Nevermind on #1. I was confused and thought that that the cvv was not required for the initial subscription charge.

    On #2, I think that this is normal and that the _storeid was added to the invoice number sent to the gateway because there was more than one live store associated with my developer's login (it was a test store). When I switched over to my own live store, that part was dropped, since there would be no need to differentiate, because it could only come from one store.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey cbatouli. Is this in reference to the PayFlowPro gateway? If so, we recently dropped that because it was breaking the live payment gateway. The documentation specifies that field as being alphanumeric only so the "_" was breaking the system. For some amazing reason it just never came up before. I believe we documented this in the 060 changelog, but it probably should have been mentioned here in the forums as well since we really hate making changes to live systems. In this case it was completely broken on the live gateway so we had to make the change.
  • Ahhh, makes more sense now...yes, it is in the 060 changelog, but of course was the type of issue that had to be pushed back to all previous versions. Didn't think to check that...
    PayFlow Pro gateway was being sent a "_" character as part of the INVNUM which was incorrect (patched back to all working versions).
  • Well, thank you for making that change pretty much the day before I went live. Very good timing...
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