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Bug on FC checkout!!!

swensorswensor Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited November 2009
I can't properly do subscriptions with my store, the end date WONT pass from the foxy cart to the foxy checkout.

i'm identifying some things here. when a user first adds the item to their cart WITH a start and end date, it shows in the cart BUT when they go to the checkout page, the end date has been dropped. If the user then returns to the order form, resubmits the cart (again with start and end date), the checkout will then include the end date from the cart. This was the case on IE8, FF3, Chrome, Safari 3.

Try it. Go here: Click a dollar amount (any will do). Click "This is a recurring pledge" and pick a date. Then click "Donation" at the bottom to enter the cart. You should see a start AND end date. Now click Checkout. The end date is gone. Go back and do it over again. End date is there. WTF man? WTF?

But seriously how would I go about resolving this? Any ideas? Thanks!!!

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey swensor. Sorry, some how I missed your whisper response on this thread. We are currently looking into this issue and figuring out what can be done in 060 and what will have to be done in a future version. I commented on some of the limitations our current subscription system has here as well.

    We'll get an update for you soon, but if you don't hear from us feel free to bump this thread.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey swenson, sorry I wasn't able to look at this before, but I'm actually not seeing this behavior on my test store and I can't seem to find the "this is a recurring pledge" option on your site. Can you point me in the right direction?
  • Hey Luke,

    Sorry about the problem, this page was changed for the live site after the problem was posted. Haha. You had me scratching my head for a moment.

    Anyways, Go Here: This has "recurring pledge" option under the box with the header "frequency" so go ahead and do as instructed above. It's not rocket science anyway lol. BUT see if the FIRST FoxyCart interaction has this symptom. I notice that all subsequent interactions do not, only the first attempt with a foxy cart session does this. It's very weird. Anyways, what do you guys see? Is this repeatable?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hmmm... I did a quick test and didn't see this behavior.
    Have you tried clearing out your cookies and such?

    Actually... can you put the foxycart includes (at least the foxycart_includes.js) in the <head>? There's important stuff there that needs to happen with the sessions. Without that it seems like the session isn't hitting the right store, ... hmmm... Yeah, I'm not sure what's actually happening at this point (have only looked for a minute), but I think it's session related, so try moving that to the head and see if that helps.
  • swensorswensor Member
    edited November 2009

    thanks for the response. so the foxy includes.js comes in the head tag now. i'm seeing no improvement. shucks!!

    so, were you able to identify what i'm experiencing? end date will display in the cart but after proceeding to checkout it is dropped from the cart. and it only happens on the first attempt in your foxy cart session. if you go back and try again it works. so each replication requires a browser restart or a cookie flush. let me know if you can come up with anything. thanks.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hmmm... What I'm seeing is _none_ of the subscription attributes showing in the cart at all on the first attempt. I really do think this is a session issue though. Let's see...

    Ok, new assessment: It's your custom javascript you're doing. When I can get it to do this (which is somewhat hit or miss) it's not actually related to the session, but is entirely dependent on the values passed into the cart (which makes sense). When there's no sub_frequency or sub_enddate showing in the cart, check the HTML source for the cart's iframe src attribute. You'll see your freq (empty) and a x:sub_freq=1d (not the right name to pass to foxycart). I'm not sure what conditions enable this, but from everything I'm seeing it's not FoxyCart, but rather your form. I'd try setting the sub_freq and sub_enddate either hardcoded in the form or set on pageload. Or I'd check the event triggering onchange on the radio or select inputs.

    You might also want to check the state of the inputs and set your hidden inputs accordingly on page load. If you go back from the checkout to the donate page it'll keep the form as it was, but the hidden inputs will be empty. (That's actually how I diagnosed this.)

    Also, the sub end date select elements should probably default to being in the future, perhaps a year out (or whatever makes sense for you). As is it defaults to the past (2009-01-01). This forces the user to acknowledge that functionality, which might be what you're after, but if it's not I'd look at improving it a little.

    Let us know if you can tidy up the onchange and on page load events and such on your end. If you pass the values into FoxyCart, they'll show in the cart. If you don't, you'll see what you're seeing.
  • swensorswensor Member
    edited November 2009

    Thanks for the response, so I do see a couple issues with my code as you point out. But I still have the problem on a simpler form. Look here: Press the button. The subscription start/end dates load in the cart, but the end date disappears from checkout. Can you see that? What is wrong with this form? It has no JS and no customizations.

    EDIT: remember this only works the FIRST time you submit, once an FC session exists with your browswer, it operates as desired.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Is there a reason you're using one FoxyCart store for the add-to-cart form and another for the FoxyCart includes? That's not actually the issue, but worth fixing on the test page.

    That said, I think I finally see what you're describing. Sorry it's taken me so long. It does appear to be _something_, and that "something" looks like a bug. The sub_enddate is in the cart, then disappears on the checkout, just like you're describing. We'll take another look and see if we can diagnose it. Thanks for being patient with me as I've tried to see the issue.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Swensor, can you give it a look and confirm that the issue is resolved? We pushed out a fix to 051 and 060 for this.
  • yeah it seems to be working correctly now. thanks!
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