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add to cart overlay

product9product9 Member
in Help edited December 2009
While testing a store, I noticed that the overlay with the add to cart info will appear correctly on only one page, but appears as a new, separate page on all the others instead of as an overlay. The code is the same, save for product differences. Adding the foxycart header info as a php include.

Click Add to Cart to see what I mean:

Working page:

Non-working pages:

Is there something I did wrong? Maybe it's a caching issue? I'm testing on FF 3.5
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    You're missing the class="foxycart" on the non-working ones.

    What CMS are you using? Or are those Dreamweaver template tags? (I'm always curious.)
  • Thanks. I was pulling my hair out on that one.
    Just using DW templates :) keeping it simple!
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