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Payment Gateway same as Merchant Account?

brhaynes75brhaynes75 Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited February 2008
Ok, this is probably a dumb question. I'm looking in CyberSource for the Payment Gateway id and key, but can't find the mention of even the word gateway. Am I looking in the wrong place? Does Cybersource use different terminology?

Thanks in advance,
  • brhaynes75brhaynes75 Member
    edited February 2008
    ok, what i need to know is:

    is foxycart connected to cybersource through 1. a hosted order, or 2. one of the three apis, or 3. the simple order api

    after i find that out, i download the id and key from cybersource
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Luke will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we're using the newest API method (which I believe is all nice and SOAPy).
  • sweet, thanks
  • so wait, which of these options do I need to download from?

    A. Security Keys for the Simple Order API
    The Simple Order API uses a PKCS12 key file with the .p12 extension to digitally sign your SOAP request message before transmitting the message to CyberSource.

    B. Security Keys for the SOAP Toolkit API
    The SOAP Toolkit API uses authentication provided by a base-64-encoded transaction key represented in string format. Use this authentication method if you want to create your SOAP message.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Yes, the "transaction key" is what you're looking for. That's part of the SOAP toolkit API. We're currently updating our documentation and will make this clearer in the future.
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