Where is the transaction data?

kellykelly Member
in General edited December 2009
I ran a test order using a dummy cc number provided by my merchant service (CDG). The email order notification was sent and received, but when I look at the transaction history page the order isn't there. When I hit "Export" a tiny text file with line headings (first name, last name, etc.) is created, but there is no data. Where is it? How will I know that my cart is functioning?

  • If your store is in test mode, did you run your report to display test transactions instead of live?
  • Thanks for the idea cbatouli. My store is live. Any more suggestions?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey Kelly. If you ran a "test" order, than your gateway must have been configured for "test" which would create a test order. On the transaction history page, you'll have to select "test" from the radio button and refilter the form to see those orders. If that still doesnt work for you, please whisper us the foxycart store domain so we can take a look.
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