iDevAffiliate Tracking with FoxyCart?

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My client uses the iDevAffiliate tracking software for his online affiliates.

One of the requirements of iDevAffiliate is the ability to track the Order Id/Number and the Total Order Amount.

Is FoxyCart set up to pass any details of the successful order as GET/POST parameters?

This is the code used on the "Thank You" page of the current (FoxyCart-less) site:
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
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    Hey pixelchutes.

    Yeah, that sounds simple enough. We'll go ahead and add ^^order_id^^ and ^^order_total^^ to the receipt template in the next version (0.2.7). We'd like to avoid too many place holders because then it starts to look suspiciously like a template language... That being said, I think these two make sense to me.

    I assume by "grandTotal" you mean the full order total including tax and shipping, correct?

    Edit: this is a pretty simple change so I'll just add it to version 0.2.6.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    edited August 2007
    Ok, you're good. ^^order_id^^ and ^^order_total^^ are now valid place holders for the receipt template starting with version 0.2.6.

    How's that for service? Tell your friends. :)

    We also updated the wiki:
  • Bravo! This is great. Seriously, you guys rock.

    Yes, your assumption is correct: The all-inclusive cost of the order

    (Heads to the donation box...)
  • OK... so something I didn't even think about till it happened:

    The iDevAffiliate tracking code is executed using a PHP script referenced via an IMG tag:

    2 things I noticed:

    1. Using the code above, the SRC does not get rewritten. I assume this is because of the .php extension in the image reference? Easy fix is to code as an absolute URL.

    2. However, the absolute URL is my own domain, which is NOT in HTTPS. This causes the receipt page to throw a "Show Non-Secure Images" alert...Should I user choose NOT to show, say bye-bye affiliate tracking!

    What ideas come to mind for a solution? AJAX call to idevlaffiliate/sale.php?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hey pixelchute.
    Very good catch... the source doesn't get rewritten because it's .php, not an image, and we didn't create our "automagicache" to cache non-images... But it's obviously not going to work unsecure. I think we have an idea to remedy this though, so I'll update as soon as we can test and see if it's working.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Update: We're working on a fix to this. I'll update again as soon as we confirm it works as expected.
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