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Multiple Accounts for Store Admin

Phire_SKPhire_SK Member
in General edited January 2010
We'd like to set up multiple accounts to access our store's admin page on How can we link another account to our store so they can manage it too?

  • Phire_SK, you can do this from the admin page, under Account > Add User. You can either create a new user there, or link them to the store by their email.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Yeap, as long as you're on the latest version (060). If not, it's a great reason to upgrade. :)
  • Ah so it is. I switched between different stores that are on different versions and the 'add user' link never disappeared, but now that I've clicked it, it tells me I need to upgrade :)
  • OOooh okay, I'm still not the previous version. I was looking everywhere trying to find how to do it.

    Thanks for the info, will update today :)
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