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Customize Shopping Cart and Sell Tickets

drizzydrizzy Member
in General edited January 2010
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this shooping cart stuff, but I'm basically creating a tourt site where users can go online, purchase tickets and in the end the user gets an email where they print off there ticket and bring it to the event there going to.

Is it possible to do this using Fozy cart?

Also I kinda created what I wanted the cart to look like as well.
Is it possible to customize the cart to look something like this?

Thanks in advnace
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi drizzy.
    You could definitely do something similar. Probably the biggest thing to understand up front is where your site starts and stops. So your form on page1 would be fine so long as you adapt it slightly to send parameters in a way that FoxyCart can understand:

    You may want to use javascript and such to validate, but it looks like you have some js going on already so you probably know what you want there.

    Step 2 could be done in a few different ways. You could make step 2 the cart (on the FoxyCart side of things) and just style it accordingly (using the template caching: ). Or you could use some of the JSONP functionality if you wanted to submit the form on your end, wait for the response (JSON from FoxyCart), and then parse that JSON into the desired output like you have.

    Step 3 is your checkout, which would just be a matter of styling and customizing things.

    Step 4 isn't really a receipt, per se. I'd recommend having a real receipt, but if you didn't want to you could just exclude the ^^checkout^^ or ^^receipt^^ placeholders on your FC receipt template.

    Does that help? There are a lot of options, but FoxyCart should be quite easy for you to get going how you'd like.
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