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Can we make the handling fee calculate after tax instead of before? It is currently adding 25% before the tax and then adding the tax post handling fee. Our business model with is to add a shipping fee of 25% of their total purchase including tax.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    I actually got a little confused by this one until I confirmed that taxes are calculated without considering handling fees. So there's no problem there. What I think you're saying is that you want to charge a handling fee on the taxes. That seems a little strange to me and I don't think I can justify modifying the code to do that.

    But, never fear... math can help. Your business model wants 25% of the subtotal + taxes. So currently you're missing out on 25% of 9.25% of the subtotal (assuming your taxes are 9.25%). To fix this, you can just increase your handling percentage by 25% of 9.25%, or 2.3125%. If you want to make %25 on the subtotal + taxes, then you're really wanting to charge 27.3125% on the subtotal.

    Make sense?

    Or I could be completely off because it's a Monday.

    Does anyone else have a similar need? Is it normal to charge handling fee percentages on taxes?
  • Luke... you are the man. Obviously, i didn't even consider that. Next poker game you are going down... haha.
  • i think by default it rounds my 27.3125% down to a whole "27". Can that be configured so that a decimal can be added?
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