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Accessibility; Screen readers

northknorthk Member
in General edited January 2010
Greetings all,

I'm wondering how a screen reader would handle FoxyCart? I'm wondering if anyone has tried this and can share. Any way to test this w/o having a screen reader? I tried just turning off CSS and images which usually gives a good indication of what a screen reader would see. But, that didn't work for me with FoxyCart.

This may not matter for most users, but for some customers it's important.


  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    edited January 2010
    Hi northk.
    Two things, one you'll like, one probably not.
    1) All the HTML generated by FoxyCart is (possibly overly) "legible". All forms have fieldsets. All inputs have labels. Tables have head and foot sections with th cells as necessary. Etc. While we don't test in screen readers, all the HTML that we generate (ie. all the HTML that you can't control) should be nice.

    2) FoxyCart requires javascript, like at least a handful of the more modern ecommerce systems. I'm not sure how modern screen readers handle javascript, but I believe that some can handle basic javascript. Again, we don't test in screen readers, but if you anticipate a significant portion (or any, for that matter) of your customers needing a fully accessible solution I'd recommend doing some testing to see what happens. I wouldn't be too optimistic, but I'd love to know which screen reader(s) you test in.

    But again, we don't test in screen readers, so I wouldn't be optimistic.
  • Thanks Brett.

    I was concerned that there are a lot of images used in the cart rather than text, and because of the heavy use of JavaScript. But, from your answer it seems like it should work better in a screen reader than I anticipated. If anyone has a screen reader and could test how FoxyCart is handled, I would appreciate your comments!

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Any images you're seeing are probably from the "standard" theme, and are all background images. In case you were wondering.

    Definitely let us know if you do some testing. I'd love to know.
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