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Custom Image not Appearing in Checkout

aptdesignaptdesign Member
in Help edited January 2010

I've updated the images in the Checkout section to have my own custom images. They all show up except for Step 2a - to enter a different shipping address. When I look at the specific URL for that image it is there:

but on the actual site it shows this instead:

I've cleared the image cache multiple times. Any idea what's going on?

Thanks for your help!
  • aptdesign, I am feeling your pain right now. Having similar issues seeing custom images after caching my templates. For one, when I cache my template in the FoxyCart backend, it does not always seem to grab the latest version. I thought I saw somewhere that you could add a bogus query string (?bogus=query) on end of url to force it to get latest, but that has been hit or miss for me. I'm hoping someone gives some helpful advice here because I am lost!
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Are these for live stores or test stores? If they are on live stores the problem might be that someone hits the page between the time it takes you to clear the cache and then recache your image so that your image gets recached as the old one. Renaming the image or adding something to the URL might help.

    aptdesign: It looks like you're not fully using the caching system because a lot of the images are being served directly from instead of being cached (check the net tab in FireBug). It looks like you have some absolute references to your CSS files which is probably the problem. Our caching system doesn't try to deal with absolute links as they are usually HTTPS anyway. We'll need a relative link in order to know which directory to pull the images from that are referenced in the CSS file.

    As for the image you mentioned, you'll need to override it in your CSS because firebug is still showing this:

    #fc_address_shipping_container h2 {

    You'll need your own CSS declaration to use your image instead.

    clayteller: What store are you working on?
  • hey luke, I am working on a site that is still in development, but FoxyCart has been activated. The store name is "Smokey Denmark". I just started copying and pasting my template code into the form instead of telling FoxyCart to grab it from the URL. That seems to be working. I was just getting frustrated because it didn't seem like FoxyCart was grabbing the updates of my templates -- like it was grabbing an old cached copy. I am hoping that I can continue this copy/pasting directly into form until development is done and then use the magic cache deal at the end -- hopefully it will get all the updated template code and images at that time. I wish I understood better what is going on behind the scenes with the caching and everything. Thanks for any tips or advice.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Just double check that the URL you've put into the caching system is the latest file. You may be making local modifications to it, but if you don't make it publicly available on the internet for FoxyCart to cache by uploading it to your server, you'll see an old copy. Make sense? FoxyCart will cache whatever URL you give it. If what you get is "old" it's probably because that page hasn't be updated. You can always drop that url in your browser to confirm what FoxyCart is caching.
  • I was ftp'ing my updated template before telling FoxyCart to cache it. The template file is inside of a WordPress directory structure, but a direct URL to that file doesn't involve WordPress right? WordPress isn't supposed to cache anyway I guess. I was actually thinking that I saw Chris from CSS-Tricks encounter a similar issue in his screencast where he had to add a bogus query string to the template URL to get FoxyCart to get the update version, but I don't know if that applies here. I tried that, but it still seemed like it wasn't always getting the most recent template file. Is this not a known issue? If not, it must be something I am doing or maybe my server is sending out a cached version. I confess stupidity about how the whole caching thing works :)
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Ahh... interesting. I haven't used WordPress myself, but it's very possible that it has some form of caching which would cause some problems. They way you're doing things now is fine up until you're ready to go live. Adding a query param to the page you want to cache seems like it should work if there is caching going on, as long as it was unique each time.

    Good luck. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    A few points of clarification:
    - Chris on the screencast used a little ?something in order to cache a URL ending in a /. There wasn't really an issue for that, and it's been fixed forever, but that was a different issue.

    - Can you whisper me the URLs you're caching? The automagicache _does_ cache almost all paths it can find, including absolute, web-root relative, relative, "backwards" relative, and etc. It's remarkably robust, considering it's just a stupid amount of regex. But if you can break it I want to know, as it's my baby.

    - More info about automagicaching is here:

    It _should_ be really easy and bulletproof, except for the things it doesn't do as noted on the wiki (link above). Everything else should be rock solid, but again, if there's an issue I'd love to explore it.
  • Thanks Luke! I added another line in the CSS for step 2a and it works. (Its been awhile since I used FC so I forget how I set everything up before...)
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