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Test mode

AndrewAndrew Member
in Help edited January 2010
Hi guys

Sorry for the silly question, but I just want to be certain:

Once we've paid for foxycart, we can still use the Test Mode right? It doesn't force us to use the live mode?
  • Yep, you can use test gateways with a paid subscription to FoxyCart (I'm not a FoxyCart employee, but I'm doing that at the moment)
  • kmekme Member
    our transactions are showing up in 'test' mode rather than 'live' mode - how do you set this?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @kme In your store's FoxyCart admin under the "payments" section you'll have to use a "live" gateway for your transactions to come through as "live". Can you whisper me the store you're asking about (the domain)? I'm wondering if perhaps something is unclear or needs improvement.
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