receipt template breaks

kanjigirlkanjigirl Member
in Help edited January 2010
I'm using the same template for checkout and receipt. Checkout looks great, but the receipt page is broken - something is not being cleared:

Not sure if this one will work:

If not, here's the product page to test:

I've tried inserting a clear:both; div in various places, that's not helping, or I'm putting it in the wrong place. Can you give me some direction?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Try sticking a clearer div after #mainContent. Or use the clearfix CSS hacks on it. Or make it float:left with a width:100%;

    Lots of options to get containers to expand, but I think #mainContent is the one you need to focus on. Let us know if you can't get it.
  • Clearfix worked, thanks for checking. I'd applyed a clearing div to #mainContent earlier but for some reason that didn't do it.
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