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Product options, quantity and discounts

carlcarl Member
in Help edited January 2010
I am working on my first Foxy Cart store, using Modx as my CMS.

Everything is great so far but i have the following problems.

I have one product that comes in:
4 colours - no price change
4 sizes - size1 £24.99 size2 £24.99 size3 £29.99 and size4 £32.99

No i need the following;
1) If you buy any two products you automatically get a £4 discount
2) A special offer where by any combination of size3 and size4 costs just £50
3) when seleting more than one product to be able to select multiple colours per quantity.

Hope that makes sense, thanks.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi Carl.
    1) You could do this with a category quantity discount, or a coupon code if you wanted. More info on quantity discounts is on this page:
    It's a little tricky, but hopefully it'll make sense if you give it a few minutes.

    2) That's a little more interesting. You could put those two in a special category so that the quantity discount only applies to them, but that still wouldn't really be perfect. It's probably more trouble than you're looking for, but you could use the JSON/JSONP to determine if the cart contains the appropriate pairing of products, and if so remove them and re-add them at the correct prices. Not a great solution, and it'd require some javascript know-how, but it should work.

    3) That's more an issue with your form. Depending on what you're after you may want to either add multiple product options (potentially with price modifiers) or multiple distinct products. But ultimately it depends on how you want to create your form. Check the wiki again for adding multiple products at one time. Let us know if you need help.
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