FoxyCart Admin, IE6 Support: Please discuss with us

brettbrett FoxyCart Team
in Important News edited January 2010
Hello all.
This has been an on-again-off-again discussion for a while on our end, but the recent Google/China hacking incidents have brought it to the forefront again. Specifically:

Does anybody have an issue if we deny FC admin access to IE6, and display an upgrade message (along with links to mainstream news sources saying how insecure it is) instead?

We don't imagine many of you will care, but your clients may. That said, I (personally) feel pretty strongly about this. It's an ancient browser that's wickedly insecure. Using it to administer anything related to ecommerce is a Bad Idea.

So, thoughts? If we push this change out will it cause problems for you or your clients? Please let us know.
  • I'd support it 100%
  • I support it 100%. I request all clients have updated browsers. If they cant log in, it forces them to update, which they need to anyways.
  • Just for the administrator? That seems cool.

    But not for the frontend right?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Yeah, just the admin, not the cart functionality. I'd rather just block IE entirely, but blocking 6 (and allowing 7 and 8 and soon 9) shouldn't be an issue as far as I believe.
  • I don't design web pages for clients, so perhaps I don't have standing to speak in this discussion, but I'd suggest that you give some advance warning about this via e-mail.

    I'd guess that all of us *do* use IE6, but mainly to check for compatibility. :)
  • 10% of our visitors are still using IE 6. Amazing.

    I'm all for making the admin as secure as possible. I hope more big sites start blocking IE 6 in general - it'd make my life a lot easier. I could finally get started on my novel. :)
  • I'll see your 10%, gougeaway, and raise you a couple: 12% of our visitors are still using IE6! Like Oskay, I'm not a designer, but I'd completely support blocking admin in IE6. Agree with issuing advance notice though.
  • Out of curiosity - is there a way to subscribe (rss, or email if it has to be) to these development posts? I don't check these forums all that often, but it would be nice to know when something like this gets discussed.
  • Gougeaway, go to this page: and in the left hand side select 'subscribe to category'. If you've setup notifications in your forum settings, you should get notified of any posts to important threads... Although you'll get notified for every reply probably.
  • Thanks bjbk. Was wary of that (for the notifications on all comments thing, but I'll see how it goes and unsubscribe if necessary)
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Ok, I'm going to unsticky this. Thanks everybody for the feedback. We'll be officially dropping IE6 support on our next round of admin enhancements, and notifying everybody ahead of time.
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