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Email Receipt to more than one person?

gosfunkgosfunk Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited March 2008
Is it possible to email a receipt to more than one person. My site has a owner who would like to know when someone orders anything and also someone fulfilling the pie orders needs the receipt. How do I accomplish this without having the site owner forward the email.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    A few different ways:
    1. You can email additional people on a per-category basis (which, if you're just using the default category, would be perfect for you).
    2. You can change the address that FoxyCart sends to to a list/group/redirect address. We recommend this option, as it usually the easiest. I typically set up a store@ or orders@ address that forwards to a few different people.

    Either of those sound good?
  • The problem with lists for me is that the big ISPs (AOL, Yahoo, etc, but not Gmail of course) regard receipts as spam. I spent last summer (2007) dealing with this issue. We use Gmail but you can only forward email to one address...

    I have Mail (OSX) set up to automatically forward receipts to 4 other people. Is it Mail, or is it their Windows computer that's changing the charcters from this
    Thank you for shopping at CSSA
    * Order #: 68381
    * Order Total: $121.50
    * Shipping: USPS: Priority Mail International
    * Comments:

    to this
    Thank you for shopping at CSSA
    #@0* Order #: #@0#@0#@0#@0#@0#@068381
    #@0* Order Total: #@0#@0$121.50
    #@0* Shipping: #@0#@0#@0#@0#@0USPS: Priority Mail International
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    That would be a question for the developers of Mail and Windows. :)

    Honestly, I'm not sure what would cause that. Something about the encoding settings on their machine? Forwarded email always gets messy. As for setting up a distribution list, that really shouldn't have an affect on the spam score as long as that list only has a few people on it and isn't used to actually send spam. Check with your hosting provider. That's usually where you get email accounts and the like for your domain. Setting up a list there shouldn't be too much trouble, but Brett can comment further as he has more experience with that sort of thing.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    How many people do you want to send it to? With my list comment I really meant more something like a 3 person "distribution list" (if you could even call it that). I pretty much force all the clients I help to set up Google for their domains, and setting up a store@ address usually works beautifully to send receipts to multiple people.

    The extra characters definitely seem... wonky. I don't think it's anything we're doing, but stranger things have happened. Definitely strange. If you figure that out let us know.
  • Hi Brett,

    I agree with you about forcing people to use Gmail. I wish Gmail would allow one to forward to several addresses.

    Factors I've addressed already, so don't waste your time, let me waste mine:
    -They refuse to login to Gmail
    -They refuse to add a Gmail account to their PC. Many don't know how, believing that their computer can only have ONE email address "in" it, just like they live at only one physical address.
    -I've set up everything in plain text so I don't know what the hell is going on at their end.
    -Their tech person isn't of any help and goes into denial of weird sorts when ever I try to raise valid issues.
    -Gmail doesn't allow for extra forwarding addresses. Maybe this is where I might try a list? I thought Gmail had a list but last time I looked I didn't find one...

    I simply do not use their domain email because of limited space (one reason I had hoped LW would work out!). (Side note: this client drives me crazy. Every member refuses to take responsibility for their email account and dump the spam occasionally. So it's up to me to delete the account and restore it in order to dump it. There's no way I'm going to login to 12 accounts via horde or squirrel mail to do that! And when I set up Gmail accounts? That went over like a ton of bricks.)
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Sorry for the late response.

    -Gmail doesn't allow for extra forwarding addresses. Maybe this is where I might try a list? I thought Gmail had a list but last time I looked I didn't find one...

    They do. Google Apps for your Domain, at least. You can set up super quick little lists, so store@yourdomain might go to 8 different people.

    You can import to Google Apps accounts now, from IMAP. It actually works remarkably well. But I suppose it's a moot point if they don't want to switch ;)

    But if they have Plesk or cPanel or anything else you should be able to set up a quick list regardless. I know for sure you can in Plesk. I'm not sure about cPanel. But it really shouldn't be an issue... at least, I wouldn't think it would be.
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