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damienbuckleydamienbuckley Member
in General edited March 2008
Hi, I'm looking into using Foxycart to integrate with Textpattern for a client site. FC looks good though Im concerned that there is no contact form or other contact details on the FC site. Whilst this may not be an issue to some, using a system with no available contacts may not wash too well with our clients. Am I missing the link here or is there an explanation for this invisibility?

Secondly, has anyone here used FC with Textpattern and how did you go?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    edited March 2008
    There's a little tiny contact form on all but the homepage, but the forum is the primary means of communication at this point.

    We're on the forums all the time, and if you need an email to discuss specific/sensitive questions just give me a whisper.

    I hope that helps. Good point though. A normal contact form would probably give a bit more peace of mind. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts.

    (I'd probably split off your Textpattern question into a separate thread. I don't know any Textpattern users offhand, but there may be a few.)
  • Thanks Brett
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