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Alert box coming up on site

AndrewAndrew Member
in Help edited February 2010

I'm running a test version of our shop on a preview domain, and we've recently set up a secure subdomain on the live domain(separate from the domain the cart is running on) for the cart, but now that I've added subdomain in settings under use remote store domain any page of our site with the foxycart javascript pops up this alert:

makery is currently not setup. Please ensure that the store is fully configured (shipping, categories, and templates). If that doesn't solve the problem, make sure that you are calling this script with the same subdomain as you have set in your store settings. If you still have problems you can get help at Please check your store settings.

I've googled/searched/visited oracles and everything else but can't solve this problem, any advice? is it a really simple issue?

basically: - secure ssl remote store domain - the actual website with foxycart

any page in has the above javascript alert error...
  • AndrewAndrew Member
    edited February 2010
    hahaha, I fixed it.

    to anyone having this error, it's if the cart you're pointing to is in the wrong place. the javascript was still pointing to the old cart location because I didn't update foxee in expressionengine.

    EDIT because that's a bad explanation.

    the js file was still pointing to the file, instead of the php file on the new secure domain It was doing this because while I updated the foxycart settings and the php files, I didn't update foxee settings in the foxee module of expressionengine. hope that helps anyone else who does this.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Thanks for updating your post with the answer ;) I'm sure others will find it useful in the future.
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