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I am in the process of making a e commerce site..

I am a bit confused about how I use foxy cart and integrate it with my site. I have this layout using a plugin for the slideshow

But how would I integrate the two together?? So that when a user clicks one dress the cart updates with those details?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @leehughes and welcome to our forum.

    The short answer to "how I use FoxyCart" is: Create a link or a form, as described here:

    So, for what you're doing with the javascript image changes, you'd want to tie into that functionality to update your link or form (or show/hide different links/forms) onclick.

    The first step would be building an add-to-cart form in the area you have designated. Build it however you'd like, styled however, and with whatever options you need (though there are a few that are required, as explained in the link above). Once you have that, the next step would be to update that form with the appropriate options when the thumbnails are clicked. There are many ways you could do this, but that's the basic idea.

    Let us know how that helps.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    These may help as well:
  • Hi guys..

    Many thanks for your advice..

    I have followed what you said and have been playing around.. I have made a slideshow with a simple foxy cart form on, which wil change once I have time.

    My question is is where do I start to learn about how to make foxycart update via a slideshow..

    So on my page (very rough example)

    If the user clicks the 3rd thumbnail as she likes green, whatever, how do I tell foxycart to update the product for that?

    Many thanks..

    Really looking forward to playing around with this:)
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi Lee.
    I think that barring more details or you putting some code together, my first comment is what I'll answer with again:

    The first step is creating your add-to-cart link or form. The next step is updating the form's values as the slideshow changes or the user clicks a thumbnail. As far as "how" goes, the answer is really just "javascript". How exactly depends on a huge number of factors. If you start building things out we can definitely offer guidance as you go.
  • Hi Brett,

    Sorry, I did have the cart set up but late last night I was playing with it a something went wrong so I had to start it up again :)

    I have now set up a simple form, am not really concerned about styling at the mo as I feel quite comfortable doing that.

    My concern is how I would use javascript to make foxy cart update for the right price with the right dress.

    My javascript is very weak however and I do not know where to stat.

    Many thanks Brett.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Is the form gone again? Not seeing anything but the slideshow there.

    Also, I just realized that your slideshow is Flash, so that adds another layer. Does the slideshow Flash have hooks to call javascript from it? Without that there's no way to have the Flash interact with the form.
  • Sorry, I was still playing :)

    The slideshow is a plugin called SimpleViewer which is a extension of the neXt gen gallery and only runs on a .swf file I think.

    So I will have to change the design of the photos then?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Yeah, just took a look and I don't see any reference to callbacks or an API or anything. I might google around for some jQuery based image galleries. Or perhaps a tutorial to build your own, if you're feeling adventurous. It's good stuff to know. Once you get a gallery that does have a little more flexibility (js, not Flash) let us know and we'll take a look.
  • Will this be easy to do? I mean as you have probably worked out, am not a developer and I have the problem of hooking this up to custom fields as am using wordpress.

    Am think if I just create pages within pages to filter navigation into a single page for each dress. Just a thought.. Am looking for jQuery photo displays anyway as I would like a slideshow as it looks much better :)

    Many thanks for your help again :)
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    It won't really be "easy" but it's not impossible by any stretch either. I think the bigger questions are: Do you have the time to mess around a little with this, and do are you interested in spending a little of that time learning a bit about javascript and jQuery in the process? If the answer is yes then I'd say just keep asking questions here and I'll try to keep pointing you in the right directions. jQuery makes a lot of things pretty easy, and it's really worth at least having a basic understanding of it even if you don't really consider yourself a developer at all.
  • Hi Brett,


    unfortunately I do not have the time at the moment to learn it as I am just about to start my dissertation for University so I have decided to change the layout of the site.

    Hopefully I will be able to pick this up again after uni :)
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Oh, if you hadn't seen:
    There's a flash slideshow that's very popular and can work with FoxyCart, but for what you're after it might not work. But worth at least knowing about, as it's a nice gallery.
  • Ahh..

    Thanks Brett.

    Might give this a go next time when I have a re design come xmas :)
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