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Am trying to sort out my forms on my product page.. i need two forms, size and colour.

I am using wordpress and am trying to use custom fields to set it up like said..

I handed it over to my developer to hook up foxycart to custom fields but now am a bit confused about how I can set up the forms..

Am looking for the basic add to chart setup like on your examples but for two forms, size and colour..

Am a bit lost on how to create this though.. I have this so far..

The price is in a form which I don't want.. everything is hooked up to the custom fields though which I would like to keep.

I just need the price form deleting and just get a smarter looking form with a add to cart button. Av read the wiki but still struggling a little..

Anyone that can help will be my hero :):D
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    Hi leehughes,

    You would want to make the price and name inputs hidden (ie.
    <input value="34.99" name="price" type="hidden"/>
    ), and then you can just add the price and name in there as a textual elements like
    <h3>Product 1</h3><p>$34.99</p>
    whereever you would like.

    To alter the way the form looks, you'll want to do some css styling, are you familiar with css at all?

    Hope that helps.
  • Hi,

    thanks fo your reply..

    My code knowledge is pretty basic so am sorry if I ask stupid questions.

    I have the code <input name="price" value="<?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, 'price', true); ?>" /> this is hooked up to my wordpress custom fields, so I need to add the item hidden, where would I do this for this code? And would this mean that the price still appears on the page?

    Yes, I know a little css. I might use the code via firebug from the examples given.. If that would work

    Thanks again for your reply :)
  • leehughes,

    for your code, it would be the following:
    <input name="price" value="<?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, 'price', true); ?>" type="hidden"/>
    . If you did this, you wouldn't be able to see the price. As I mentioned, you'd want to add the price in again as a textual element, like so:
    <h4><?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, 'price', true); ?></h4>
  • Wicked..

    All sorted :)

    Now to do just style the box :)

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