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Best payment gateway for Canada & US sales

cmjsrevihccmjsrevihc Member
in General edited February 2010
Does anyone have an opinion on the best payment gateway to use with Foxy for Canada and US sales? We would need it to support Canadian and US dollars separately (we can run two carts) so that US customers credit card bills show their US price, and any US sales we make go directly into a US account.

Currently with a different cart we have My Virtual Merchant, and it does this, but isn't the greatest as far as the payment page or what control we have over that. Prior to that we had TD bank's Beanstream which was nice, but US customers receipts showed as converted dollar amounts from Canadian, and this resulted in many confised phone calls. Also, deposits into our US account were converted to Candian dollars beforehand.

I see supported Foxy payment gateways for Canada include PsiGate, CyberSource and Paypal Pro. Can anyone say if one of these would fit the bill? I can contact the companies directly, but it'd be nice to have a Foxy Cart user's perspective first.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    PayPal would work if you'd rather use a single company for both. I think PSiGate might work for US merchants as well but I'm not sure.

    Actually, that's a good question. Is it for a US merchant or a Canadian merchant? Or both? I think that's the bigger issue. I believe that Cybersource has pretty decent currency functionality, but I'm not positive exactly how things would work for you.
  • Thanks for the reply. My client is a Canadian based merchant, and I've now confirmed his bank account divides his sales into US and Canadian "sub-accounts" if that's the best term. PsiGate therefore sounds promising, becasue their site says:
    Can a Canadian merchant sell in U.S. dollars?
    Yes. Our Canadian merchants have the option to process transactions in Canadian or U.S. Dollars, or both. You simply need a business bank account at any Canadian bank in the same currency as being transacted on the website. You don’t lose anything with a currency conversion because we deposit like funds into like accounts.

    PsiGate has a nice looking site and sound far more knowledgeable than our current pay provider.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Please let us know how it goes, as I'd love to know more about how you handle the requirements.
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