IE7 issue with checkout

leehughesleehughes Member
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am trying to take my cart out for a run and my mum says she has ran into a problem.

She is using IE7 windows based and when we are clicking the checkout for the foxycart pop up the page for our checkout isn't loading.

Tested on chrome windows and everything mac and it works, it's only IE7.

Any thoughts on this?

Many thanks
  • In a sidenote.. Does anyone know why my checkout page is vertical?

    How would I move this across the page??
  • bjbkbjbk Member
    If by vertical you mean that the inputs are being pushed below the labels, its because the overall width of the page is skinnier than accounted for in the styling. You would need to adjust the widths of inputs etc, or make the overall column a bit wider. (a width of 690px on the div with a class of content works)

    The site also has issues in IE8, and it appears to fail because of a javascript error on the page. Not sure exactly what would be causing it though, its falling over the checkout.js file from Foxycart.

    Something I did notice though is that you are including jquery twice, once automatically with Foxycart, and it looks like Wordpress is including it for you too. Sometimes that can cause issues.
  • Thanks,

    I will have a play with the css later for that one..

    I do have some plugins on that page like a lightbox feature for the photos... I will try and disabling it and report back..

    I will also have a look into the jquery thingy..

  • update ...

    I changed the checkout to default and it works now.. Must have been something in my custom checkout page
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Extra unnecessary javascript files on checkout can _definitely_ cause problems, so I'd start there. Let us know how it goes.
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