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ORLANDO, FL! Anybody want to hang with Brett?

brettbrett FoxyCart Team
in General edited March 2010
Hello all.
I'll be at Photoshop World in 2 weeks (Tue March 23 - Friday 26), and I only have one single friend in Orlando.

Anybody in Orlando want to grab tacos (or whatever it is you guys eat out there)? If there's enough interest we'll put together an "official" meetup like we did a few months back in Nashville (which was a lot of fun).

I'll _probably_ have some FoxyCart t-shirts too, if that pushes anybody over the edge of wanting to hang out with some random guy from FoxyCart. And maybe stickers, cuz, you know, STICKERS! You could put them on... your skateboard? Or your Trapper Keeper? ... Hmm... rethinking the sticker idea now.
  • Oooh, I'd love a FoxyShirt. Too bad I couldn't make it to Orlando to pick it up, though it does sound like fun! Enjoy the rest of the convention (and tacos), Brett.
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