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Who made paypal so confusing!

I have made a product page

So I think everything is now done design wise, I just need to clean it up etc.

So am on to testing stuff now.

I tested it the other day with my card and everything went through ok.

So now to Paypal.

I have checked that my foxycart dashbaord, paypal email is the same one.
When the foxycart info pops up and I click paypal and this is what I get

I can not progess any further using the same email/password.

So I went to the paypal sandbox site and logged in with my details and created a test account and got the option enter sandbox site..

So I did,

and got this

Just a basic login page, one which I can not login to. Please forgive my stupidity but am unsure of what my next step is.

Many thanks
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hello leehughes. What you're seeing is the page a customer sees in order to pay you. The paypal email address of your paypal business account is what should be entered into the FoxyCart admin. For the PayPal screen page, you'll need a PayPal customer account in order to pay. We have another thread going on about not seeing the pay with credit card option (more info on that here: As for testing using the sandbox, that's always been a bit confusing. You'll have to have a sandbox account with PayPal and you have to be logged in already before you attempt to checkout.

    Sorry, I'm not sure if I've been helpful... PayPal has always been very confusing to us as well.
  • Thanks Luke,

    So if they are getting to paypal login via my checkout then that's a good thing right?

    My logic says that they go from my site to paypal login page (which is what happens) then pays for product.

    So what further testing would I need?

    I will enter the paypal business email, thanks for that point-out.

    Thanks Luke
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    You should test a full transaction all the way to completion. That involves entering a real PayPal account and paying for an item. You can always void the transaction in your PayPal account manager later. Testing the entire process your customers will go through is HUGELY important... we can't stress that enough.
  • thanks Luke,

    I will give it a whirl :)

    p.s.. where would the money go however if I can with my paypal account?

    I haven't set up any actual payment info yet.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    When you say you haven't setup your payment info yet... Do you mean you haven't setup your PayPal Business account yet? I'm not entirely sure where the money would go if that's the case... though we have heard of PayPal accepting money even when the Paypal email address was incorrect... so that's a good question to ask PayPal. My assumption would be that it would be in a PayPal account for that email address, but I'm not really sure.
  • Am helping my mum out, I thin she has a business account but I know we haven't used it for the the sandbox feature.

    I will change the price to something stupid and have a play anyway and report back :)

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Am helping my mum out, I thin she has a business account but I know we haven't used it for the the sandbox feature.

    We need to document this, but the PayPal sandbox is _entirely_ separate. So it doesn't matter what you have going on on the real system; it has no bearing whatsoever on the sandbox.

    You first need to create a developer account and login to that, _then_ you create a sandbox account (there are defaults that you can use) and you enter _that_ sandbox email address into the FC admin for your PayPal email (if you're testing). It's definitely tricky, but again, just to be clear (based on what you said above) you shouldn't expect any special relationship between your real account and your sandbox account. They exist on entirely separate dimensions for all intents and purposes.

    Definitely let us know though if you're confused or need help.
  • HAHA..

    You're gonna laugh at this..

    My stupidity strikes again.

    The reason I was not going onto the next step of the paypal.. i.e see photos in first post.

    Was because I was using my SANDBOX EMAIL to log in my NEW ACCOUNT.

    I first had to set up a SANDBOX TEST ACCOUNT and then they provide you with a email and password with "real" money to spend.

    I was entering my sandbox email after being re-directed from my product page.


    I like it when it's simple problems :)

    Thanks for your help guys..

    Am sure I will be on here in a few days with another dumb question :D
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Nah that's not your stupidity, don't worry ;)
    PayPal's sandbox system is simultaneously kind of brilliantly awesome and very awkward. And there's no Payflow Pro sandbox environment, but let's not get us started on that ;)

    Glad you got it working though.
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