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Purchase with no email address?

mfoissetmfoisset Member
in General edited March 2010
Just curious if it's possible for customers to 'checkout' that don't have or want to use an email address? We have to migrate some clients manually via reoccurring charges (subscriptions), and thought of creating a default email address for that purpose. But wouldn't that create problems @ 'checkout'?

Please Advise,

  • Subscriptions are not really designed for guest checkout, since it should be possible to go back and update customer information at a later time, and store cc info.

    You especially can't use the same email address for all the different customers, because you can only use one credit card per account. Whatever credit card you last entered into that account, all the subscriptions associated with that email address will be charged on that same card!
  • Thanks!

    Has anyone experience this problem, and figured out a work around? I was thinking of using ARB from, and creating a separate form for the purpose of using 'no email' subscription.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey Michael. FoxyCart uses the customer email as the unique identifier for a customer so it's definitely a required field. I'm not sure any workaround would make sense since it's critical to how the system functions, especially with regards to subscriptions.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    I know of one store that does a LOT of subscriptions while targeting retirees, and I think they worked something out but honestly I don't think it's as robust as it could be. (I can say that because we get some bounces on the fake / malformed emails, which obviously isn't the best of solutions.)

    That said, I'd look into setting up a Google account, which allows you to suffix an account with a +anythign_you_want

    So set up as a Google Apps account (or and then use customer+john.doe@ for every customer. That's what I'd do, at least.
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