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Checkout payment error, 10536 Invalid Data...

nathanpitmannathanpitman Member
in General edited March 2010
We get 'sporadic' errors while testing as follows:

Error: There was an error processing your payment: (10536 Invalid Data) The transaction was refused as a result of a duplicate invoice ID supplied. Attempt with a new invoice ID.

We're using FoxyCart with the ExpressionEngine Foxee module. Is this just a glitch in the testing system (PayPal Sandbox?) or something we should be worried about... :?

If this is a result of using the PayPal sandbox for testing is there some way we can work around this? :?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey Nathan. I've seen those errors before as well, but they usually only happen when there's a more serious error on the PayPal side where the order goes through on a partial basis. If you clear your cookies completely and start over with an empty cart, you should be able to work around it but it does concern me that you're seeing it at all. Are you by chance using multiple browser windows and keeping the same session even after a transaction is completed? Are you able to reproduce the error step by step? To my knowledge, we haven't had any reports of this on the live PayPal system. If you want, you could just test with or one of the other gateways.
  • Hi Luke, I'll see if I can nail a pattern tmrw while testing. Yes we are logging into single account with multiple browsers and also performing an unlikely frequency of purchases while we are testing but I'm surprised that this should cause an error. You say that this would usually only happen when there's a more serious error on the PayPal side... does this mean that there's a potential issue with how the data is being passed by Foxee to FoxyCart and then on to PayPal or is this usually just a 'blip' in the sandbox system?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Funny, I actually got this error a few times today while testing something. PayPal Sandbox. Hadn't seen this error in just about forever up to today, but then again I almost _never_ do any extensive testing on PayPal's Sandbox because it's just _so_ slow.

    We'll take a look, but at this point I'd chalk it up to PayPal's sandbox. Are you testing with a real card or the 4242 test card?
  • We're using the 4242 test card. :)
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    My hunch is the the sandbox is timing out... but still recording the transaction so the next attempt fails. It's not something we've gotten any complaints about for live stores that I know of, but there's always a first time for everything. Please keep us in the loop if you see any additional issues.
  • I cannot be positive but I believe a partial solution is to check a couple things. First if your invoice ID is not unique, you might get this error, so make sure your invoice ID's are not something generic like "online purchase". Second, Paypal has an option to allow processing of duplicate invoicing by accessing paypal, going to:
    My account < Profile < Payment Receiving Preferences

    Then click no for the question:
    Block accidental payments:
    You may prevent accidental payments by blocking duplicate invoice IDs
    Yes, block multiple payments per invoice ID
    No, allow multiple payments per invoice ID

    I dont use sandbox, I use paypal virtual terminal, and I dont even use foxycart, but I found this post from searching the error code and thought I'd offer my 2 cents. But please let me know if this makes processing easier.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Thanks beaks2lee!

    I love seeing the internet community in action. :)
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