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sheeleysheeley Member
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To continue my run of request posts: it'd be great to populate the cart with user data. This could be easily accomplished and would be a nice way to integrate FoxyCart with pre-existing data.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    This is something we're definitely interested in doing and we've done some pre-planning already involving some encryption and such.

    It's great to have a customer interested in this so we can take it beyond just a theoretical discussion. We'll use this thread to start the process.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    One question that we've discussed is, if you're going to be passing in user information, would this override our own authentication, or would authentication even be an issue. This particularly interesting with regard to saved credit card numbers.

    Do you want to outline how you'd like to see this work? As Luke metioned, we've done some planning for this, but I'd love to get a fresh perspective on how you'd envision it implemented.
  • My theory had been to simply pass the cart some POST variables by changing the "My Cart" link to a form. We only track names, addresses, organizations and such, so encryption and credit cards aren't huge issues for us. I can see how it would become much more complex when including financial data...and that is somewhat over my head. :)
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