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leehughesleehughes Member
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I have been looking at your feel good logos and I'm using the rapid gif. I was wondering though if you can tell where I can find other logos that i can use such as payment logos.. I know you can get logos via google but they usually come as a pack and I'm unsure about which ones foxycart takes.. I'm a UK user and my customers main payment method would be paypal, credit card and debit.

I'm just looking a way to visually show what payments we take..

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @leehughes.
    I'd honestly just recommend using whatever you find on Google that fits with your design at this point. FoxyCart has some very small logos (you can see the image paths in the language string section as of v060, do a search on the page for "src=") but "which ones FoxyCart takes" is more an issue of your gateway and settings than FoxyCart. For example, FoxyCart can handle Laser, AmEx, Discover, PayPal, etc., but that doesn't do you any good if your store or gateway can't handle them.

    Make sense?
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