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Question About Error Messages

manicgeniusmanicgenius Member
in General edited April 2010
Just a general question revolving around the errors returned to the user from

Anyway to parse those into something more friendly than "Error Code 2" - which I believe means "your card was declined".

Is there a setting somewhere that I can activate? (wouldn't that be nice)

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Not currently unless you add some JavaScript to look for that text and replace it on page load. For some of the gateways in FoxyCart we list out all the error messages so you can customize them but we haven't done that with yet... We have customers confused by this as well so it's probably worth doing at some point. One of the main reason's we haven't is that there are a LOT of error codes and it would be a pain to support them all:

    If this is something you think would be helpful, please add it to our requests page.
  • Hey Luke,
    Definitely understand. I do, however think it would be handy to have. And is so ubiquitous now days that I think lots of folks would benefit from the effort. I'll add it into requests. Thanks so much guys!
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    We were chatting about this behind the scenes and thought it might be useful to at least provide language overrides for the most common error messages we see. Thanks for putting the request in.
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