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Internationalization: What's most important?

brettbrett FoxyCart Team
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited May 2007
If there's anything that helps you do business internationally (ie. based in a country other than the US), let us know. Some of the internationalization items on our roadmap:

Additional shipping carriers
Selectable currency symbol
Customizable language, cart/checkout-wide
Additional payment gateways

Update: For a few different reasons, we've pushed 2Checkout integration off. The main reason is that they require the entire checkout process to go through their system, which kind of defeats the purpose of FoxyCart's beautiful 1-page-checkout and easy template integration.
Please let us know which payment gateways you do want.
  • nosnos Member
    edited July 2007
    do you have a date for that? I.e. for Germany?

    [View from deciders] also some examples for different products will be helpfull to decide for your system (which I adore in general). I.e. a product that comes in variants with different prices. I mean it's hard to see for what kind of products the system fits more or less.

    ... [for EU: trusted shop certificat, tax rules, ...]
  • Hey guys,

    Have you got a timeframe when PayPal might be available as a payment gateway for the UK, do you think this might be an option around September/October?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    If I offer a timeline, I'll get beaten here at the office, but you could use for UK based stores in the meantime. That said, PayPal as a payment option is close to the top of our roadmap, and the UK "PayPal Pro" (or PayPal Website Payments Pro) is _on_ the roadmap, but at this point we can't promise when.

    That said, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so keep the international feature requests coming.
  • Hey there,

    Just thought that I would also add my request for an option to use PayPal UK Payments Pro - it would be really helpful as I know a lot of clients I have had in the past using other carts have got good success from the option to take PayPal Direct or PayPal Standard.

    Just adding a squeak to that wheel ;)
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