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Shipping USPS Flat Rate

RickWRickW Member
in Help edited April 2010
My client wants to use USPS Flat rate shipping. They have basically one product and depending on how many units are sold will determine which size box they use.
I don't see a logical way to do this.

Here are their breakdown.

Up to 4 handles - $11.00 shipping/insurance/ confirm
Up to 15 handles - $24.00 shipping/insurance/ confirm
Up to 30 handles - $36.00 shipping/insurance confirm

Any ideas?
  • oskayoskay Member
    I wrote a little script that does *most* of this-- my version controls which shipping options are available based on size, I imagine that you can use it to manipulate the price instead.
  • RickWRickW Member
    edited April 2010
    Look's like it should work. I noticed "shipping_service_34" as an example for USPS Express Int'l package. Where do I find the codes for priority mail small flat-rate box? and other domestic boxes?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey RickW. This is technically unsupported tweaking so though it may work now, it may not work in a future version. You can view source in the admin on the shipping page to get those id numbers, but again, this isn't technically supported so you didn't hear that from me. :)

    We're working hard to get subscription improvements and 061 finished up and then we'll be focusing on improving shipping functionality starting with custom endpoints that you can control yourself. Stay tuned.
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