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^^checkout^^ output

johnb41johnb41 Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited May 2010
When an order is placed, we get an email that includes data output from the ^^checkout^^ template tag. But we need it to not include the Billing Address "name". The address and other info is fine, but we have to remove the name. is making changes, and for security, they don't want the "name" to be sent to us.

Is this possible? Thanks,

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey John. Do you mean you can't know who the customer is?

    The billing address name (first name, last name) is the name of your customer which... is important, right? I'd be very surprised if is considering that "card holder data" when you're never seeing the card number on your end. Very disconcerting. Do you have a contact at you're working with? We'd like to talk with them as well.
  • johnb41johnb41 Member

    I think you're right. My boss is just very nervous over this.

    After some discussion, we think it boils down to this: Our Merchant Bank will be satisfied if we can confirm that Foxycart 0.4.0 is PCI Compliant and is Payment Application Best Practices (PABP) Compliant. Can you confirm? Thanks.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @johnb41
    FoxyCart is PCI DSS Compliant and is currently a Level 2 Service Provider. We'll likely be moving to Level 1 this year.

    PABP has been replaced by PA-DSS, which doesn't apply to FoxyCart because we are solely a hosted provider and our code is not licensed or distributed. But PA-DSS is based on PCI DSS.

    Does that help?
  • johnb41johnb41 Member
    Thanks Brett, that helps a lot!
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