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Pre-sales Questions

lamaisonlamaison Member
in General edited May 2010
We are considering Expression Engine, and came across your product and its integration.

We sell two types of products, a subscription service that comes in say 10 packages, and a handful of related hard goods.

We're in need of recurring billing features and wonder if your solution could work for us.

Or perhaps we could use someone like PayPal.

Does anyone have an experience with kind of thing?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hello lamaison. On the surface, it sounds like FoxyCart would handle that just fine as we do recurring shippable products. Are the 10 packages sent all at once and how do you handle shipping calculations?

    Fun thing about FoxyCart is that it's free to develop with and only takes a few minutes to get setup. If you check the wiki's screencasts, that should give you an idea how to get things going and this page has all the info you'll need for setting up your subscription product add to cart links and forms:

    One of our featured sites has a pretty good example of recurring shippable products that should give you an idea of what's possible:
  • Thanks for the reply. When I say 10 packages, I mean that we have about 10 individual subscriptions plans with varying cost and terms. Regarding shipping, some subscription have hard goods combined in the package that will have a fixed shipping cost, while others have free shipping.

    Again thanks for the info
  • BTW that why, what is the cost to have the entire transaction happen on our domain?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    edited May 2010
    You're welcome, lamaison.

    To have your domain in the url during the checkout process you'll have to purchase a custom subdomain and ssl certificate (current pricing listed here: More info on that here: That will allow you to have something like ""
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