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Google Analytics with urchin.js

skiski Member
in Help edited May 2010
Hi there

I am trying to get GA working with FoxyCart, and am currently unable to track correctly. I am using urchin.js and unfortunately am unable to change this to the newer ga.js script due to incompatibility with other online applications that we are using.

How do I track from source to conversion? Usually I would use this script: <form onSubmit="_utmLinkPost(this)"> so that the tracking variables were copied cross-domain, but I am unable to access the <form> tag code in the cart. I can't quite follow how to get it to work with the older urchin.js code based on the script samples in the wiki (which are instructions for the newer ga.js script).

What do I need to do to get this to work? Does anyone else have a solution?


  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @ski.
    We probably shouldn't say that we offer support for Urchin anymore. At least, not complete support. We're using some functionality in ga.js that's much much newer than Urchin, and I don't believe there are equivalent features in Urchin as there are in ga.js.

    That said, if you get a custom subdomain ( ) you should be able to bypass much of the problem areas (mainly the passing of the info across domains), which is the big problem with the analytics. Is that an option?
  • skiski Member
    Thanks for the quick response Brett. There's a possibility that we will be upgrading to ga.js in the near future, so I might leave the domain setup as is for now (our business is finished for the next few months anyway). Does the ga.js code eliminate the cross-domain tracking problems completely if I follow the setup instructions outlined in the wiki?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    I'm not sure I'd say it "eliminates" the problems, but it does work around them so they won't really impact you. But the problem is still there; it's just not causing a problem... ;)

    Sorry for the semantics. Cross-domain issues are always on my mind so I never feel like we've won the war, only the battles.

    But yeah, the ga.js setup is a bit involved but it works well.
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