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Non-english foxycart?

PhilbyPhilby Member
in General edited March 2008
I've been playing around with FoxyCart and found it very very nice indeed - actually, it is very nearly perfect IMHO - simple and to-the point, the opposite of OsCommerce, and much easier to understand than Magento.

However, there's a small problem lurking - I'm supposed to have a new small shop online by next friday, and unfortunately, all of it really has to be in german.

I've seen Brett's jQuery hack for non-english languages, and am trying to get my simple mind around what using FoxyCart XML (for the receipt email) actually means. But being a lazy person, of course I also wonder: how far is FoxyCart 0.33 (or whichever version will have non-english language capabilities built-in) off in the future? And: do you need beta-testers and/or translators? :)

Thanks, Phil
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi Phil.
    If you need to go live by next Friday, I wouldn't bank on the next version.
    So if you have a handle on the jQuery language customization, the rest of it is just taking the XML and generating your own receipt email from it. I know at least one person that'd done it already, so I'll see if they're interested in releasing that code. Otherwise we can help you figure it out (or put you in touch with somebody to build it for you; we'd do it but we're very busy with the next version, and don't want to get too sidetracked).

    We could definitely use translators, and if you'd like to help beta test that'd be welcome as well. Thanks for asking!
  • Hi Brett
    ahhh... what a shame: I love using pre-beta software for highly urgent projects -- just for the excitement and adventure ;)
    I'll test jQuerying some pages today, see if I can grasp this. Some help for the complicated-sounding XML stuff would be great (if you have anything, or someone possibly interested in doing this as a paid job).
    As for the translation (german and some french) and Beta-testing, I'm open for suggestions.
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