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Can Canadian based stores use Foxycart?

jeffphillipsjeffphillips Member
in General edited March 2008
Other related discussions, like this one, have brought up questions specific to Canadian stores but I'm still confused as to a yea/nay. A direct question may help me and other Canadian based persons. Even if the answer in some cases is initially no, I hope by the end of this thread they'll have all changed to 'yes'. Fact is I think Foxycart is great and it would hurt my feeling if I couldn't use it!

Sales Tax: It looks like canadian sales tax calculations can't be done sufficiently at this point, meaning Canadians can't use Foxycart - true/false?

I'm lucky because my store is based in Alberta, which (if I understand correctly) means I only need to worry about changing GST to everyone, which wipes out a bunch of complexity. So for me, I *think* I can skirt this one at the moment. Am I right/wrong?

Shipping: What are the options for shipping from and within Canada? At the time of this posting, it appears that UPS *may* be the only "live shipping rates" option for shipping in Canada. But there seems to be confusion on this (as discussed in this thread) as to prices being US or Canadian, or if its accurate.

So, It appears then that canadian stores can only offer a flat rate shipping? If flat rates are the only option, can we offer multiple flat rate options? E.g. radial/checkbox to choose "Canada Post: $15.00" or "Currier: $30.00" (i.e. FedEx, UPS, etc)?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi Jeff.
    Sorry for the delayed response.
    To answer your questions:

    Tax: The full glory of Canada's tax rates can't be pulled off currently, but we're hard at work making our system more flexible to allow for that.

    Shipping: We're not sure about UPS at this point. It seems to work, but it's also seems to be returning "wrong" values. Again, we're hard at work to make our system more flexible to allow support for Canada Post (nice guys over there, incidentally).

    Our "supership" functionality would allow you to set multiple flat rate options based on cart/checkout/session criteria as necessary, but currently ... not so much.

    I hope that helps, even though it's probably not that helpful. We're serious about supporting international stores, and we're working on making our system flexible enough to do it (which primarily comes down to tax, shipping, and language, but there are some other issues as well).

    A few options in the meantime would include "faking it" by authorizing but _not_ capturing the card, then modifying the amount to include shipping and tax prior to capturing the funds. Most gateways should support this. Not perfect, but perhaps a worthwhile option for the interim.
  • So, at the time of this post, it looks like the answer is "no" for Canadian based stores. I misunderstood initially and invested considerable time creating a Flash front end to work with Foxycart, only after to fully comprehend the shipping/tax limitations. My fault, I should have done a more thorough job doing my homework. Now to explain to my client...ouch.

    I'm wondering if/what I can salvage at this point. You mention "faking it". Payments are not going through a payment gateway, but instead will be processed manually. I think this makes things a little more flexible and goes along the lines of your "Faking-it" option? So this is what seems to be my options:
      [li](1) Set up one flat-rate shipping for everything and hope it washes out in the end - least desirable[/li]
      [li](2) "Fake-it" - activate the "UPS shipping module" and indicate clearly (disclaimer) on the checkout page that the quoted shipping price is an estimate and may be subject to a slight adjustment at shipping time[/li]

    Lets discuss option 2. I could include the disclaimer within ^^custom_begin^^, ^^custom_end^^ tags and maybe include a "I agree" checkbox that the user must select before completing the purchase. Is this possible? That would be a option that might work for the client.

    As I mentioned 1st post, for Tax, I think I'm ok because the store is based in the Province of Alberta (just 5% tax, easy).

    I have had 6 other clients ready to go with foxycart. I can approach them with these "Fake-its" as an option, if you think they'll work, and see what they say. But it looks like I'll have to direct them to other options until a future time when FC is able to support tax/shipping in Canada.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Ouch indeed. Sorry about that.

    I think your option 2 is actually fairly decent, especially given the fact that they're not processing cards live.

    You could definitely add a required checkbox using the custom placeholders, but you could also modify elements of the checkout (like the shipping fieldset) using jQuery if you'd like things to be exactly how you want them. It's pretty easy, and we're here to help if you need it. A basic idea:
    Custom fields, and requiring them:

    As far as your other 6 clients go, depending on when they're going to launch we have what you need by then. No promises, but we're working our tails off to get more flexibility where you need it (tax, shipping). So hopefully we'll be ready for at least some of those 6.
  • I know you guys are working your tails off - the proof is in this forum. I totally understand you guys have to prioritize, it just sucks having to stand on the sidelines and be patient - know what I mean? I'll look closely at the options you've suggested. They just might work. I will whisper a comment if I get stuck. Thanks Brett (and Luke).
  • Inspired by desperation ;) I've implemented a good working option that accomplishes point 2 of my above post. That is, giving multiple flat-rate shipping options on the checkout page.

    The How-To deserved a new discussion so I've started one here.
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