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Cutover from Dev Site&PayPal to Real

GravityseoGravityseo Member
in Help edited June 2010
Hello all,

I have a request for help; it's really several questions, but I'm not sure how else to approach this. Here goes.

I set up a test store at, hooked live to my personal PayPal; this is going to be the new store for and another PayPal. I've been away from the project and this forum for a long while and I'm a little overwhelmed at figuring out the overall steps to cut over three parts: switching paypal accounts, migrating sites and migrating foxy.

Help is needed and would be appreciated. Here's what I think my plan is in broad strokes:

1 Change PayPal info from one account to another
(Level of PayPal account needed?)
2 Change URL from to
(Will this work when there's no Foxy code on the existing site)
3 Update to show the new site currently at

Thanks...I'm sure there will be more!

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    First off: Wow does the new site look a lot better than the old ;) Nice work.

    1) All you have to do there is change the email address and make sure you take any additional steps required. (For example, if you're using PP Website Payments Pro then you'll need to grant the API access.) Notes are in the wiki:
    Then make sure to TEST! Don't assume it's working until you can prove that it's working.

    2) Just change the domain in the store settings. The important thing is that as soon as you change it in your settings, calling anything from won't work at all, because there won't be a store at that URL anymore. Unless you have a ton of categories or coupons or taxes or whatnot it might be better to just recreate the whole store though so you can keep a test copy up at tightproducts and have the real one at trunaturaltaste. (It's free to set up another test store so long as you don't go live with it.)

    3) That's all on your end. I was assuming that you built the site, but that may be an incorrect assumption? FoxyCart is really only linked to from your site though, so we can't assist too much on that. It'd probably be a question for your host, though depending on how you have things set up it might be a little more involved. (I'm not sure about Wordpress (which it looks like you're using) but some CMSs don't react well to switching the domain on them.)
  • Brett:


    1) Why change email? Keeping PP as is for now. It is working (some people found this site somehow before it's live and bought stuff successfully)!

    2) When you say 'calling stuff from, you mean the code on my store's product and cart? This stuff:

    Since I only have a few products, could I just change all the instances of to (after I change the subdomain in foxy settings)?

    3) I did build it and it's in WordPress. I was planning on just changing the DNS from the current domain to the new one - I know that's offffff topic - I'll have to look that up and see if it's going to bork.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    I think #2 was answered in another thread.

    For #1, you said originally:
    1 Change PayPal info from one account to another (Level of PayPal account needed?)
    Maybe I misunderstood. If you want to change your PayPal account in FoxyCart (ie. the PP account where you collect funds) then you'll have to change the email address in your FoxyCart admin's "payment" page. It sounds like I might be misunderstanding you though.

    For #3: FoxyCart doesn't really care about anything on your end wrt DNS, so from our perspective it doesn't matter. Obviously it could be a big deal on your end though. The only caveat is if you're using a custom domain with FoxyCart, in which case you'd have to ensure your CNAME is maintained when you switch DNS, otherwise there'd be no way for your custom subdomain to point to FoxyCart's servers.
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